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Hello everyone,
I have excel data with specific date column, in this column I have many dates (previous date, actual or future) I need to filter only by current month, for example:

I need to create a rule like: filter for the “Finish Date” column only the project that it finish date is in the current month.

I really appreciate your help, thanks!

Hi @SergioSB , and welcome to the Knime Community.

For this, you just need to use the Extract Date&Time Fields node that allows you to extract the year and month (and other information).

You will also need to get the current date to know what is the current month and year.

So, use the Extract Date&Time Fields on your data and on the current date, and then compare the data.

I put something together for you that looks like this:

After processing the top part, I have these variables:

This is what I used as sample data:

So, we expect to see only those that are highlighted, since their date is from the current month.


It is as expected.

Here’s the workflow: Filter on current month.knwf (18.0 KB)


There is a Date Time based Row Filter you could also use. If you want it dynamic you need a flow variable to get the end of this month as the start date


That is amazing!!! thank you a lot


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