Get Execution time for each node in workflow

Hi Team,

Is there a possibility to record the execution time and the data load(in MB/KB) for each node when executing?

My intention is to do a quality check before publishing in to prod in analyzing bad workflows that use incorrect or long running queries.

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Hello @Arun_Prasath,

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Timer Info node might be helpful to you. Additionally have a look at this topic and follow furher links:

In case of any specific questions feel free to ask more.



Thank you Ivan ! this would help to an great extent!

How is quality check(automated if possible) done in Knime before they are deployed in to production - is there any documentation around this ?

Quality checks would involve the DB query validations/connection parameteres , Username validations, output source , etc. Quality checks would vary based on the domain as well.


Hi @Arun_Prasath
Related to recording the Time-Stamps of node execution, you can start by checking the component “Record Component Time” created by @takbb in the linked post. This customized component can save some time and workarounds for you:



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