Get File Name From a Web Page

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I’m try to read data from several files in a single Web Page to do it I need to know which CSVs files this web page have. So firts I took webpage information in Web Retriver Node then I use the Xpath to get all files names from this page. But don’t master the Xpath query, I got it from just one CSV file, but I need to include a function that allow it to search all CSV file title in this web page, like a wildcard “@title like .csv”. Is there a way to do it?


Webretriver_test.knwf (21.9 KB)

Hey @rafaelfre,

try to replace all numbers in the XPath query with a star (*) character. This will check in every combination of numbers for titles. I tried it with your provided workflow and could extract several file names that are defined in these paths. There are some non-csv titles though, but these can be filtered with a row filter.

File names that have another path structure in this XML will not be found.

Another option would be to convert the XML to string and extract the .csv via RegEx with the String Manipulation node.




@julian.bunzel great. I were made I loop until 100 to fill this parts with the files number, but your solution is so much better, I didn’t know that were possible just put “*” to get all files.
Great, thank you!!!


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