Get KNIME extensions (Name, Identifier, Version, Provider)

In preparation for a KNIME server upgrade, I would like to compare the currently used extensions in the workflows with available KNIME extensions.

The used extensions of all workflows can be created by this workflow List Extensions – KNIME Community Hub

The workflow produces a table with the Identifiere (symbolic-name) of the extension.

What I am looking for would be a list of all available extensions (Name, Identifier, Version, Provider) as in the File → Install KNIME Extensions dialog followed by the click on the “more…” hyperlink to get general information to the Extension.

This list then could be searched for missing extensions (for example: Extension missing like NGS Tools missing for Knime 4.7) so that we are aware of possible missing extensions on the updated KNIME server.

Does somebody know how to get a list of all extensions (like Extensions – KNIME Community Hub) with the additional info (Name, Identifier, Version, Provider) or had a similar task or a better approach?

Hi @RobM,

I guess you mean a list of all extension of a particular repository? A list of all extensions might virtually be impossible as there can be numerous like this one I just discovered:

As for the knime Hub. I used its sitemap.xml to get a list of all 62753 URLs including spaces, users, extensions etc… Filtering for extensions and get the list of URLs of all nodes like this one:

Traversing the path you get the extension page you could scrape:

In addition, you could add all repositories, list also installed extensions, expand all lists and copy the information. Here is a brief excerpt

  KNIME & Extensions  
    KNIME Amazon Athena Connector 4.7.0.v202211152303
    KNIME Amazon Cloud Connectors 4.7.0.v202301311059
    KNIME Amazon Redshift Connector And Tools 4.7.0.v202211152304
    KNIME Amazon Redshift Driver  4.7.0.v202206301114
    KNIME Azure Cloud Connectors  4.7.0.v202211161540
    KNIME Base Chemistry Types & Nodes  4.7.1.v202301311311
KNIME Community Extensions - Image Processing and Analysis  
    KNIME Image Processing
    KNIME Image Processing - CellProfiler Integration 0.3.3.v201907171251
    KNIME Image Processing - Clear Volume Integration 0.3.1.v201906231646
    KNIME Image Processing - Deep Learning Extension  1.0.2.v201907171233
    KNIME Image Processing - Deeplearning4J Integration (64bit only)  1.1.3.v201907171244
    KNIME Image Processing - Ilastik Integration  0.3.6.v201907171245
    KNIME Image Processing - ImageJ Integration (Beta)  0.11.7.v202106111453
    KNIME Image Processing - OMERO Integration  0.11.0.v202211291514
    KNIME Image Processing - Python Extensions  1.0.10.v202211300854
    KNIME Image Processing - Tess4J Integration 1.3.3.v201907171304
  KNIME Community Extensions - Other  
    AF Utility Nodes  1.0.0.v202301102035
    AI.Associates Signal Processing Nodes 1.3.0.v202002271515
    Apprise Nodes
    Continental Nodes for KNIME 1.4.0.v202211251623
    Cumulocity Connector  1.0.0.v202006052032
    DYMATRIX Uplift Modeling

Another possible approach would be to be to fetch the repository content. Though, I had with a quick & dirty approach no success at present. But my mind is working :wink:



Another option I recalled but seems to have been discontinued would be to download the ZIP [update site as a ZIP] mentioned in " I cannot update/install additional extension or access the example workflow server because I am behind a firewall."

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Thanks a lot. The sitemap approach was working for me.

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