Get Link of a Job on KNIME Server

Hey everybody,

How do I retrieve the link to a job running on a KNIME server?

As soon as a calculation on our KNIME server was finished and is ready for upload in our database, the current user receives a mail notification. I would love to put the link to the specific job directly into the mail, so the user can open the website from the mail.

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Hi @wurz

I assume you refer to a Data App which has been executed from the WebPortal. For such use case you could use this node Extract Context Properties – KNIME Hub to extract the job id of the running job. You can use the information in string manipulation node to compose a weblink to the related data app execution, which would look something like this:


This link you could share in the mail you send with Send Email – KNIME Hub node at the end of your workflow.

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That worked out!

Thank you very much.


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