Get list from sharepoint

Hi everybody,

I’m trying to get a list of records stored in sharepoint.

I had a look to this discussion

After a while I was able to interact with the site, but I got a response with an error in the xml body.


Microsoft.Data.OData.ODataException The MIME type '"application/atom+xml",*/*' requires a '/' character between type and subtype, such as 'text/plain'.


I set the content-type text/XML so the required character is present.

the second step is I do not know how to use this data once extracted.

Can anybody help me on this problem or just on if there is a more straightforward way to get a list from sharepoint?

Thank you

Hi Fabio,

Can you please post your node configuration? It appears that you have to set an accept header in addition to content-type, and the type has to be "application/atom+xml", see here:

The result should be an XML, which you can parse with the XPath node in KNIME.



Hi Roland,

that's what I did, but I was not able to solve the error.

Any help is really appreciated,