Get list of nodes in an imported .knwf file without opening it

Is there a way to find all the nodes involved in a workflow with their unique identifier, like a meta data, without opening the file, which is imported and not created?

Workflow archives (KNAR files) are really just zip files under the hood. So you can use a decompression program to open them up and look inside.

When you do, you’ll notice the directory structure is such that each node exists as a subfolder, like this:

2021-02-15 13_21_45-Building a Simple Classifier

Does that help?

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You could also try to parse the “workflow.knime” file with the xml reader / xpath node or export the workflow summary (File\Export\Workflow Summary) as an xml and use the Analyze workflow summary component (Analyze Workflow Summary – KNIME Hub)



Thanks for helping.
In my situation, I have the file with just the Knime logo (.knwf). Will this work on that?

Thanks. I will try this.

Yes, it will. KNWF and KNAR files have the same structure under the hood - the difference is that a KNWF includes one workflow, while a KNAR contains a group of them.


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