Get only the excel file with the latest date in its name

Hi folks, hope you’re keeping well!

I’m just newbie to KNIME, and it looks like I start to love this platform, I need your help with something maybe it’s easy for you but not for me :slight_smile:

I have a list of Excel files with this naming format : name_DateOfYesterday.xlsx like below.

are there any ideas how can I only get/load the file with latest date in its name?
for the above list of files, I’d like to load only the D_22-04-2023.xlsx

Thanks a lot for your help.

Hi @mzyarah

Welcome to KNIME Forum. See this wf get_the_latest_file.knwf (36.5 KB)

When you use the flow with your date, you probably have to select an other column in the String Manipulation node in order to extract the data.

gr. Hans


List Files/Folders → Files/Folders Meta Info/ → Sort by creation date descending-> Take first one
would be my first approach if possible


Brilliant, thanks a lot for your reply, it works like magic.

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Thanks a lot, that’s very helpful man

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