Get Request Error: "Caused by: Illegal character in query at index "

I am getting an error while executing a workflow to validate the address with USPS api.
I am using a string manipulation to construct the string like this
I am able to test the API with the string generated from the string manipulation node but when I am passing it to “Get Request” node I am getting “Illegal character” error.
Any help will be appreciated.

the string you have given is not a valid URI, as brackets like this: <> are not allowed. You can encode them manually using %3C and %3E for the brackets and %20 for the spaces, which are also not allowed. Or you break up your query and encode the values of the GET parameters using a Java Snippet node like in the attached workflow. This is definitely the cleaner solution.
Kind regards

url_encode.knwf (7.8 KB)


Hello Alexander,
Really appreciate your response.
Works like a charm and resolved my issue
I found encoding it just before the get request worked better.
Thanks for your support


There are also URL Encode / Decode nodes in the Vernalis community contribution which should sort this out for you:


Again, you would need to pass in the query values separately to encode them


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