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I want to do a get request to the ctd database. The platform communicates the following url:



{ID} - the MeSH® Unique ID of the chemical (e.g., “D001151”). Download the CTD chemical vocabulary.

I put the following parameter in the URL section for the get request node:{“D001151”}

and get the following error:

ERROR GET Request 3:1 Execute failed: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Illegal character in query at index 43: {“D001151”}

What is wrong?

Best regards

Hello @wbart,

This one works:

I mean it executes. Haven’t verified content. I simply removed what was on at index 43 :wink:


Hello Ivan,

what does index 43 refer to?

If you give every character in{“D001151”}

a number going from left to right, starting from 0 and incrementing by 1, those are the indices. You can think of it as a position number of a character in the string.

The first character has an index of 0. Index 43 is the curly brace “{”.

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If i delete the position in the term it won`t work at all. it doesn’t make sense in my opinion too. It is very strange.

now it works. I had to completely skip the {} brackets. Thank you

Hi @wbart,

sry for not elaborating more but you figured it out.
Check here how to encode curly brackets in URL and why :wink:


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