GET Request - How to retain authorization token when redirect happens to a different hostname

I am trying to send a GET request that uses a Bearer token for authorization. The same request works in Postman, but only if I select the “Follow Authorization header” option to “Retain authorization header when a redirect happens to a different hostname.” Without this option selected, I get the same result as in KNIME, which is an invalid session error.

I can’t see any equivalent option in the GET Request node. ‘Follow redirects’ is already ticked, but there seems to be no additional option to retain the header if the redirect is to a different hostname.

Is there any way to activate such an option?

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Just an update - the HTTP Retriever node in the Palladian extension handles this situation with no special configuration. However, since Palladian involves an additional cost for commercial use, I would like to explore other options first. I am really hoping that the native GET Request node can do the job.

(As an aside, I have not yet tried this in KAP 4.7, as our organisation won’t be updating for at least another month or two.)

Hi @AngusVeitch1 , I think it would still be free to use. Basically if you are using the free version of Knime, then you can use Palladian.

Adding @qqilihq as he is the author/owner of Palladian so he can confirm.

We’ll be deploying the workflow on a KNIME Server for commercial use, so my understanding is that the Palladian nodes aren’t free in that context.

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