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I try to connect Get Request node but I have problem. I don’t get JSON on the output. Only binary object. I used Binary Object to String but all data merge into one row.

Could you help me with this?

Hi @KhrystynaKMI,

could you use the header-field Accept with application/json to force json-format?

On the other hand you could use a String to Json Node after BinaryObject to String

Best regards

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Hi @Andrew_Steel

I used Accept with this format and get the same result.
As well as I used String to JSON format and have such result (see screen)

After that I used JSON table. And I have such result:

I must reciev from URL such file.
Because before that I download it manually

Hi @KhrystynaKMI

it looks like that there are some arrays. So you have to use a Json Path and Ungroup node for a better
extraction. As an example

Best regards

Hi @Andrew_Steel
I have problem with data and don’t understand the reason.
My URL generate such JSON and I must receive in KNIME the same code

This is a list of product description, rating and etc. So it is array with many rows. You can see my EXCEL file above.

But I don’t receive such JSON in KNIME.
I dont receive data values. For example, on the screen, I don’t know what does mean these column. In the value - it must be column header.

And I don’t understand where is my data?

It’s my workfow:

Regards, Khrystyna

Hi @KhrystynaKMI,

if data is the only array you could use in JSON Path

set Output Column: Name data Format JSON
set JSON PATH: $['data'][*]
set List: checked

after this Ungroup node and JSON to Table node.

Best regards

Hi @Andrew_Steel
The whole point of the problem is that I don’t have the correct JSON.
I want understand why I just get sets of different incorrect values, but not correct JSON.

Add screen before JSON Path node…

Hi @KhrystynaKMI,

this looks like a failed request - the content of Status is missing value. It should be 200.

Hi @KhrystynaKMI,

I don’t know which kind of data do you have. The following images shows different data structures and you need different flows to extract the data. So it’s not easy to find a suitable workflow.

It looks like, that the first image shows the data and the second image shows some meta information for this data.

If you have the option, please post a JSON file with corresponding records and meta information. Maybe we can find a workflow that fits your needs.

Best regards


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