GET Request node

Hi folks. I have a problem with GET request node.
Maybe i do something wrong. Here is an situation:

  1. I try to load JSON file by using GET request. It loads data
  2. After data updated in server for existing rows or added new one GET request doesnt work properly- sometime it doesnt retrive data, somtimes it retrives, sometimes it retrievs previous version of data. It looks like there is some problem with cache.

Interesting, i do the same staff with Excell and it works fine.

can you help me with it ?


Hi @oleksandr_ko,
Welcome to the KNIME Forum! I have never seen a caching issue with our GET Request node, but you can try setting the

Cache-Control: no-store

header to disable all HTTP caching both on server and client.
Kind regards,


Thanks a lot! It works both on server and client side.


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