GET Request Variable

Hi, when I use constant in my get request

I get the result, but when I feed the access-token via variable


I get the following error

WARN GET Request 3:10 Errors loading flow variables into node : Request keys and request key kinds have different lengths: 1 <> 2

I remember it used to work, but I cant get it work now…

I’d appreciate your help
thanks in advance

You do not need to set the request header keys in the Flow Variable tab. What you are doing here essentially is controlling the list of header keys, which are in your case those two:

  • accept
  • authorization

By setting this to the access_token flow variable, you are changing it to:

  • Bearer YUF…

and that is wrong. Simply remove the flow variable mapping in the flow var tab and it should work. You have already told KNIME that you want to use the flow variable value by setting the Value kind to “Flow variable”.
Kind regards,


Yess, thank you very much.

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