Get video captions from Youtube

Hi all,

I’ve been using this example workflow to pull some video details from Youtube, so the API connection works fine.
No I’ve tried to download the video captions which - according to the documentation here - can be done via GET request “[YOUR_API_KEY]”. Unfortunately that does not produce any readable results.

Has anyone ever done this and can point me to where I’m going wrong?

Hi @zzzZZZzzz,

The captions you are referring to are the subtitles. This request requires authorization. Please notice the “Authorization” section of the documentation page.

If you need the video info, it is possible to use the Selenium nodes to extract them.



Yes, the subtitles are what I’m after. Can the authorization be done in a workflow?

All the other video information can be obtain with a GET request using the YouTube REST API.

I have not done this before, so I do not know. But one thing you should know is that you can download the captions of the videos owned by the account you have its authorization. For example you cannot use your own account authentication and then download the caption of someone else’s video.

Still I am not sure about this. I think @ScottF can help us.


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Thanks! Access to only your own video is something I discovered in the documentation as well.
That’s a valid reason for me to stop developing this workflow :wink:


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