GET with BODY to query Elasticsearch REST API


Dear All,
currently GET does now allow to provide a BODY as input.
However, for example elasticsearch does require a BODY for GET operations.
In Postman one can do this too.
Therefore this is either a bug or an incomplete implementation of GET specification.
Or I am missing something :slight_smile:
Looking forward your advice on how to do a GET call using the BODY… for example for doing a query to an elasticsearch engine. Thankyou



The only way to resolve the problem is using a JavaSnippet that uses the elasticsearch jar libraries
Of course would be great if someone would make nodes available for that purpose.

Alternatively, one could use the external tool approach to call postman or newman, or use the jar interface to call postman .



@danielesser has some “in the pipeline”. I don’t know how usable they are currently, but I suggest you get in touch with him to check the current state (and encourage him to release them soon :slight_smile: )



Hey luca,

We have plans to improve our current REST nodes and this is a feature that is commonly requested. No dates to release it yet though.

Elastic Search supports a lot of functionality purely through query parameters, is it possible to modify your request to just use these and not require a request body or is it quite a complicated query that you are making?

Rene Damyon

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