Getting an error while installing a node from nodepit

I’m using KNIME version 3.5.3. I want to setup the ARIMA learner node using NodePit but getting the below error when I drag the setup URL in NodePit. Can anyone please advise on this issue?


Thanks, this looks like a bug on our side. We (i.e. @danielesser :smiley: ) will have a look!

– Philipp

Thanks Philipp :slight_smile:

Hi @sachinwagh,

We are very sorry to hear this. I quickly tested the drag&drop for the ARIMA Learner and everything works for me.

Please have a look at the following video to see how it should work – I strongly suspect you try to drag&drop the update site url to NodePit instead of using the “Drag me” icon?

If this does not help, could you please provide some more information:

  • How are you trying to install the node? Do you browse NodePit from within KNIME and click on the install button? Do you drag&drop the “Drag me” from your browser to KNIME?
  • Which browser and browser version are you using?

Best regards,


Thanks @danielesser, I’m now able to setup the node if I use the drag me icon.

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