Getting Nodes from the KNIME Hub

Hi KNIME community,

I struggle with getting the Auto ARIMA Node.

Drag and drop into my KNIME workbench doesn’t work. And I have no idea what I should do with the provided link. Can somebody please explain how I can get this node.

Thanks & Kind regards!

Hi Parn,

did you try with Firefox/Chrome?
When i tried it last time with InternetExplorer/Edge I think it did not work as expected :slight_smile:

*also do you have KNIME Version 4.0.2 or higher?
(I know it says it below the link but sometimes you can overview the most obvious :slight_smile: )


thanks for your answer. Yes I have Version 4.1.1 but I have used Intenet Explorer. When I use Firefox drag and drop is possible but then I get this Information:


Do you have an idea what to do now?

Hi Parn,

that is strange :frowning:
I just tried with KNIME 4.1.2 and it works just fine.
Maybe someone else knows what do do here…

However I imported the ARIMA Auto Learner und then exported the workflow (maybe that will help you in the mean time):
Auto ARIMA Learner.knwf (73.8 KB)

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Hi Parn,
this message, e.g., appears when you don’t have the KNIME Hub mountpoint mounted in your KNIME Explorer.
Do you see something like this in your KNIME Explorer?

When dragging and dropping a component from the Hub without the Hub being mounted you actually get ask whether you want to mount it. I.e. you should see something like this

Does that help?




@AnotherFraudUser thanks, this worked!

@hornm I think the Problem was that I have not been connected to the KNIME Hub, thank you.

Drag and drop know works but now I have another Problem with the new node.

Additonaly I get this Information: “Execute failed: Could not start Python kernel. Error during Python installation test: Python installation could not be determined.Das System kann den angegebenen Pfad nicht finden”

Does anybody of you have an idea what to do now?

You helped me already a lot., thank you!

Hi Parn,

I guess you did not configure Python yet?
*I think this component uses Python nodes - so you need to have the Python extensions and Python itself

Maybe check out the following guide (from the KNIME Summit - there might even be new courses in the next weeks :wink:)


Thanks! @AnotherFraudUser


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