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Hello !
I need to tweets which includes “covid19” in specific days for example : 15.04.2020 or until 2-3 months ago. I only need to maybe 3000 tweets in a day. not username or retweet size
How can I get these tweets ? When I use Twitter Api in Knime, I can get 18000 tweets but its only in last 2 day tweets.

Hi @gunay242 and welcome to the forum.

Unfortunately, the Twitter standard API limits your search to just the last 7 days or so. If you want to go beyond that, you have to sign up for the Twitter Premium API and pay for access.

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thanks for your reply dear.
I ve analyzed to premium API. But this type allow only one month. I need to tweets in 3 months. And I saw Enterprise edition and asked price to twitter. Is there any edition for students or acedemicians for academic researches free or low costs ?

Sorry, I don’t really know any more about Twitter’s pricing. You would need to follow up with them.

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