Getting Started with KNIME Analytics Platform

:bulb: Getting started with a new tool or platform can be overwhelming. If you’re struggling to find a way to get started, or if you’re constantly looking for excuses to not get started, we’ve got the right thing for you: the KNIME Beginner’s cheat sheet. This cheat sheet offers a starting point for your codeless programming journey! It maps the most common and most useful nodes that make building your first workflow easy as pie. So, what are you waiting for?
:arrow_forward:Download it here

:books:And if you want to do a deep dive into KNIME Analytics Platform, make sure to check out the “KNIME Beginner’s Luck” book available from the KNIME Press. It provides a detailed overview of the main tools in KNIME Analytics Platform and gives new KNIME users the necessary knowledge to start analyzing, manipulating, and reporting complex data.
:arrow_forward:Download it here

:lock: Psst: if you’re attending one of our Data Connect events you may have a chance to get your hands on a KNIME Press promo code – you can use it to download the book for free. Keep an eye on so you don’t miss the next event!


Every beginning is hard - no matter if it’s a new recipe, a new sport or a new language you want to learn. Learning to program is no different, of course. My first beginnings with Python & Java were a bit bumpy but I quickly realized - this is normal. Everyone feels that way!

When I started to use KNIME I quickly realized that the learning process is actually very enjoyable and interactive. Somehow it just felt easier to me and not so nerve-wracking. Of course, this is partly due to KNIME’s no-code environment BUT also due to the huge amount of available learning materials. One thing that helped me a lot was KNIMETV - the KNIME YouTube channel.

:bulb: If you feel the same way and you just started with KNIME Analytics Platform, then I can recommend this playlist:
:arrow_forward:The KNIME Starter Kit Playlist on YouTube


Super useful for #KNIME #Beginners is also to have a look at the dedicated Hub space with example workflows :slight_smile:. Try it out!


For the learners on the go :running_woman: check out the Beginners Cheat Sheet!


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