Getting summary.lm output from R into Report

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I'm trying for quite a while now to get the results of a linear regression done with R into a report. But the R snippet just accepts data.frames as an output and not the summary.lm.


is there another node that I have overseen so far which can solve this problem? Or a way to get the text from the "View R Std Output" into a report?


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it turns out it is possible by using the R capture.output() function and then type-casting its output to a data frame.

For example, assuming your input table has a X and Y columns, you can use an R Snippet node with this code:

  knime.out <-$"Y" ~$"X"))))

It will generate as output a KNIME table with each row being a line of the output of the summary.lm function. Once you have this table you can send it to a report easily with the Data to Report node. In the report you can display it as a Table. See the screenshot below. It actually looks pretty neat!


Hey Marco

Thank you very much for your answer! It was very helpful for me and works fine!

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