Getting the data from hive and injecting in Azure database

Hi Everyone, I am newbie to Knime and trying to export data from Hive to Azure database , here I can connect to hive using hive connector(legacy) and can view the data in Database reader(legacy) but now i want to write the data into database directly without using any file system in between, please help me on this.

Which node to use to write the data from hive directly to SQL .

Hello Manish30y,
with the new database framework (DB nodes without (legacy)) you can transfer the data between two databases using the KNIME Streaming Execution. When using the KNIME Streaming Execution the data is streamed from the source database to the KNIME and from there to the target database. Since the data is streamed it does not touch the disk of the machine KNIME is running on. Thus, large amounts of data can be transferred between the source and the target database. Please have a look at these two examples on how to do it.

For further details about the new database framework have a look at the database documentation.