Getting the Erlwood Eli Lilly nodes

As the number of nodes are increasing that Erlwood Eli Lilly are offering for free as part of Lillys KNIME precompetitive strategy, be sure to have KNIME set up to receive them. These nodes are generally geared towards Pharmaceutical Research and the latest nodes include Docking Facilities, Matched Pair Analysis, Group Efficiencies, Maximum Common Scaffold Distance and Matrix Viewer, Multiobjective Rankings, Reaction Generator, Fingerprint Similarity, Column Merger facilities, and Various Viewers.


Instructions to gain access:

In KNIME, go to the Help menu, and choose "Install New Software".

Click Add, and in Location enter

Now from the dropdown "Work With:" box, select "Community Nightly". In the box underneath, open the "Community Contributions" list, and tick "Erlwood". Follow the on screen installation procedures.




Great, Great nodes indeed!
thanks  a lot!


That explains it - thanks!

I'm actually after authentication and coloured XLS, which is more business than Chemoinformatics - unfortunately "nightly only". :-/


Thank you Simon,

The Erlwood Eli Lilly nodes are very useful and I like them a lot. Unfortunately it seems that the repository is no longer available at

Has been that moved somewhere else?

Thanks for the clarification,


This address is more than three years old and has long been replaced. Please use instead (see also


OK, thank you Thor. Now I got it.

Actually I knew the right address but I was mislead by the instruction contained in the page:

I think it would be good to update that page with the new working addresses. This could avoid future possible problems for other users.



What is the current URL for Erl Wood nodes - this one does not work for me?