Getting unique RowdID while using Parallel Chunks start and Nested Loop

Hi all,

this is an issue in my workflows. I often read 24 hourly files of GPS logs to create a file for the full day.

I would like to do that in a parallel chunk loop, as the files are Huge. What I do first, is list the 24 files, open a Parallel chunk start, and then I use the Table Row to variable loop Start loop, which results in only 4 files per Processor core.

Now the inner Loop generates a Unique RowID by append a suffix. Which is unfortunately not unique, because ever nested loop starts counting at zero, adding the suffix. Which results in an error in the Parallel Chunk End:

ERROR Parallel Chunk End 3:45 Execute failed: Encountered duplicate row ID “Row0”

Are there any tricks, rather than generating my own RowIDs per loop, and use the RowID node?


In the dialog of the parallel loop end there is an option to uniquify the row ids.


Didn’t see that, thanks!

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