"Ghost" workflow names - reappear even after delete

I have this weird thing happening -
I have previous workflows that I were moved or deleted that show up as only their names as empty WE group in the Explorer (not matter if they previously were a workflow or group).
This happened a while back after I installed Knime on a new PC and moved my workflows to said PC and then directed the Workspace to this folder.

It looks like this:
The yellow highlighted are such mentioned “ghost” folders.
No matter if I delete them here or directly on the disc, every time I start up Knime, they reappear.

Deletion of other workflows or folders though works as intended.

There is a second bug as well, maybe in this context: Sometimes (“irreproducible”(?)) I start up Knime and not all workflows are shown in the Explorer, or if, then as empty groups. Restarting Knime fixes this.

I believe this happened with Knime V4.
Currently I have V4.0.2 on Windows 10.

Hi @docminus2

Thank you for reporting this. This is a known bug, which we will fix as soon as possible.

It appears when you have an old workspace and use it with KNIME 4.0.
Currently the only workaround is to shutdown KNIME. Delete the folders manually in the windows explorers and start KNIME again.

Best , Iris


Thanks! I thought I had tried that, but evidently I didn’t.
Yes, the manual delete within the explorer works while Knime is not running.


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