Glide docking node fails silently when the job can't check out tokens

I’ve found that the Glide docking node fails silently, when the docking job is unable to check out the required tokens. Rathe than fail with a raised error, it reports that it’s run successfully but hasn’t produced any output. Would it be possible to propagate the Failed to check out a GLIDE_SP_DOCKING license. error upwards to be caught by KNIME?

Dear Rich,

Thank you very much for raising this issue. The little yellow triangle that you see on the node which shows the ‘Docking job produced no poses’ message is raised if no output file is generated from the calculation but to see the detailed information regarding the reasons for this, you can right-mouse click on the node and use the ‘View subjog log file’ to find more information which will also contain the licensing error. In this case, as the error is due to licensing issues, you can also use the ‘View Log file’ option which will show the main job log file and will also contain the licensing error.
Admittedly, we could report a failure this case, which would happen if the calculated shows a failure, and I will report this to have this corrected in a future release.

Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention.

Hope this helps and please just let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

Many thanks,