Glide Grid Reader error

I have created glide grids for 3 protein files. At first I tried to connect this node to the ligand docking but I receive such an error: Output file ‘/var/folders/ns/gqxxqqwn54bbpdz2t3z0dz24q5yzqp/T/GlideLigandDocking_1411856320_pv.maegz’ does not exist.

Then I tried to save the grids and import them manually into the workflow to see if the problem will be solved but now I have problem with reading back the grids!

I don’t understand where I am wrong?

Hello @tahami,

Yes, this is an error within the Schrödinger extension. @Schroedinger will reach out to you on this thread shortly.

If you don’t get any response soon, I’d also recommend reaching out to their dedicated support at

Thank you,

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