Global Thresholder

Since recently, don't know exactly when, I get this error when running an instance of the Global Thresholder:


ERROR ThreadPool                      An exception occurred while executing a runnable.
ERROR Global Thresholder   0:119:0:2  Error in row Row0#Label: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Incompatible IterationOrders
ERROR Global Thresholder   0:119:0:2  Execute failed: java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Incompatible IterationOrders


This node is run within a wrapped MetaNode. Strange thing however is that when I don't pass the image through the Global Thresholder Tess4J is still able to produce results, which it shouldn't because the image is not thresholded.



Hi Luuk,

about Tess4J: Maybe Tess4j internally does a thresholding in case the image is not thresholded yet?

about the bug: It's actually a sanity check of the algorithm to avoid errourous behaviour. We should reallly work on our error messages ;-)). Can you quickly describe what kind of input images you operate on? I think it's an Img + Labeling and you perform the thresholding on a certain ROI?  Any chance you can provide us a minimal workflow to reproduce the problem?




Ill see if I have some time for that tomorrow. The image is the R channel from an RGB image, which is cropped using a labeling. I don't think Tess4J does internal thresholding, as I think I once had an error message about a wrong type of image being supplied to Tess4J

Hi Christian,

I emailed you about this matter.



I found the problem and I will fix it asap. Thanks for the help.


and pushed. should be available in tomorrows nigthly build.

Cheers and thanks again,


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