Global try catch in knime workflow

a workflow that I am using is consistently crashing. The reason i’m assuming is that there is an error in the worrkflow and instead of stopping the workflow entirely its crashes and the workflow gets corrupted. is there a way I can implement a global try-catch for a workflow that will exit the workflow without corrupting the workflow in question

Hi @AtharvaG,
When you say the workflow crashes, do you mean KNIME Analytics Platform completely closes? That would indicate a deeper problem and could be a bug. If that is the case, do you have any diagnostics information from your operating system? In the KNIME installation folder, you may find crash dump files that have a name like hs_err_pid*.log. These would give an indication what crashed where on a Java Virtual Machine level. I was going to suggest calling your workflow from another workflow using our Workflow Services nodes or using our Try-Catch nodes, but if such a hard crash occurs, no try-catch will trigger.
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Thanks for the quick reply, I asked and was told they did not encounter any hs_err_pid files. So I shall try the other method. thank you again

Hi! Did you see the console messages? Try to enable to register error to log too.

Give us some insight too if you have some news about it ok?



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