Global Variables and Report Designer


I have quite a complex workflow, in which the first half of the workflow takes some time to complete (a few hrs) and the second half pretty quick (a few minutes). I have designed a Report Design for other users to get out graphs using the Report Designer, and used the Global Variable with a Dynamic Drop Down List for the user to select from when running the report designer. This is an important aspect so the user can keep choosing different options and getting different graph outcomes.

The problem is that this Global Variable setting which the user picks from in the selection window only affects a Row Filter node right near the end of the workflow just a few nodes away from the "Data To Report" node. Is there anyway to apply this user selection option in the report designer without having to rerun the entire workflow ? When the user chooses a different dropdown setting they currently have to wait an hour or two to get the report even though the setting to change is at the end of the workflow.

I am assuming the solution cannot involve a global variable as this is propagated through the whole workflow and therefore requires the whole workflow to be rerun. I appreciate using a Nominal Row Filter within the workflow before the "Data To Report" node will solve the problem but I would like to avoid having the user make changes within the workflow itself.