Google Adwords Node

Hi Knimers!

I saw the Google Analytics node and I just wondering to know if is also possible to use Knime to query data from Google Adwords.

Please, any information about how to use Knime with online data connectors/API (Supermetrics, etc) would be very helpfull.

Thanks a lot for all your support.





Hi Fabio, 

I've made connections through the Google oAuth protocol using a collection of HTTP requests to setup the authenticated connection, and then you just build a table with all your variables and create a rest representation of the data to pass along with your call to the API. 

Tks but still dark for me :(
Any other tip?


Would like to revive this topic as I was looking for a solution too. I found this Git Repo which I hope to be able to test soon:


Did someone manage to do Google Ads api?