Google Analytics - custom dimension [solved]

Hi, I am trying to use the Google Analytics Query node to ask for a custom dimension. 

I fail to understand where I am supposed to enter the variable number, they are 1..20, in my case 1. 
I.e. I need to ask Google for "ga:dimension1", but knime send the request for ga:dimensionXX" which is not valid...


ERROR Google Analytics Query 2:3        Execute failed: 400 Bad Request
  "code" : 400,
  "errors" : [ {
    "domain" : "global",
    "message" : "Unknown dimension(s): ga:dimensionXX",
    "reason" : "badRequest"
  } ],
  "message" : "Unknown dimension(s): ga:dimensionXX"


Is this not implemented or am I using it wrong ?




the add from selection is missing the option to replace the XX. We do already have an issue open for that. What you can do is to add the dimension manualy (with the plus button). In your case you would have to input 'dimension1'.

Cheers, Patrick



This issue has now been fixed in KNNIME 3.2. When you add a dimension / metric that contains an XX it will pop up a dialog that lets you configure the number.