Google Analytics Query - Sampled?

HI Folks

So i’ve been having oodles of fun today figuring out how to iterate over the google analytics query too9l to get multiple dates over a date range etc…

Now one of the things i am used to, in a tool like this is returning some of the meta data from the data request, such as if the data returned has been sampled or not.
This is especially useful to determine if i can use the OOTB query node, or my iterative metanode. Is this available somewhere, have i missed it?



I can think of two ways when it comes to sampling with the GA API:

  1. Your result set is bigger than the “Max Results” setting. Node description gives a good example on this:
    … if your query matches 100,000 rows, the API will only return a subset of them and you can use this parameter to request different subsets. The index starts from 1 and the default is1.
    To get the full result set you’d indeed need to repetitively query the API until result set is smaller than “Max Results”. Start Index in each iteration need to be #iteration*max results+1.
  2. You are querying metrics calculated by Google Analyitcs, but due to the amount of sessions you are analyzing GA might decide to compute these metrics based on a sample. Right now, with GA Query node I do not see any possibility to find out whether results are based on a sample or not. However, it looks like the API does provide information on that. Let me check whether this information can be provided by the node. Will keep you posted.

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