Google Analytics - Universal vs G4

Hi guys,

I doubt about google analytics… At this year, google will make changes to migrate Universal to G4. The exists extensions will work fine with it? What kind of changes I need to do to see the same information across this 2 platforms? Some tips?

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Hi @denisfi -

Do you have any links to what Google plans to change on their side? I’m not that familiar with Google Analytics myself, but if you have a summary of planned changes I can provide those to our development team.

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Hi Scott,

Sure! FYI : Universal Analytics will be going away - Analytics Help

About the actual nodes, they will be updated as the API link:

By the way, the user permition have some differences too… it´s not the same for the universal stage.

So, if you can help me and others partners, will be pretty nice!




There is a ticket for this one in our system (AP-19882). Thanks for the detailed feedback!

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