Google Anylitics Query

Hello all,
Can anyone guide me how to increase the number of cases in Google analytics (I Want more than 10.000)?
Please have a look at the screenshot. Thank you in advance.

Dear Qamar,

the fact, that there has been no answer to your questions so far, is most probably due, that the API will just not deliver you more results for a given query. The node’s documentation is quite clear about that:

Max results: Maximum number of results to retrieve from the API. The default is 1,000 but can be set up to 10,000.

The API documentation backs this number as well.

– Philipp


Here’s a well-meant advice: Re-posting the very same question over and over and over again will not increase the probability of an answer at all (in fact, I’d consider the relation between repetition of questions and probability for an answer as roughly reciprocal).


Thank you, so it means there is no possibility. Because someone in forum mentioned about the start and end loop method? I don’t know if it is possible with that. Thank you in advance.

Per query the given maximum applies. But you can use the “start index” to perform paging:

Use this parameter to request more rows from the API. For example if your query matches 100,000 rows, the API will only return a subset of them and you can use this parameter to request different subsets. The index starts from 1 and the default is 1.

This should give you 10,000 results per request.

You can then wrap this into a loop and increment the start index with each iteration.

Hi Thank you for your reply. Can you tell me how I can do it with my workflows. If you want I can share screen shot with you.
Thank you in advance.

You’ll need a loop in this case – I suggest you take the Counting Loop Start to specify the number of pages you want to request.

The loop node will create a flow variable with the current iteration index. You can assign this in the “Flow Variables” tab in the “Google Analytics Query” node.

I’m sure there are some tutorials/example workflows for the “loop” and “flow variable” concepts available. I suggest to have a look there first to get familiar.

Thank you. I will certainly do so. Have a nice day ahead.

I have tried it but loop is loading files without any end result. I left my Pc for one complete night. I wounder it is not possible to take long. Kindly can you guide me how to do that I will sahre screen shot with you.
where should I put the start and end loop node.