Google API: Sheets updater saves values as strings

This topic was covered once before a year ago. But the fix recommended does not seem to apply to the newest google sheets API. I use the Google Authenticate node, then the google sheets connector and then a Sheets Updater node. Google taking my Decimal fields and making them text by applying the ’ in front of them.

Original Post: Google API: Sheets updater saves values as strings

The google API says there is a parameter VALUE INPUT OPTION to correct that behavior but its not exposed in the knime node.

The solution prior used the depricated google sheets ervice provider. I tried that using the writeRaw=false but that did not help. Is there a similar solution with the newer authentication and sheets connectors?

FYI: The old solution works on on a Google Sheets Writer, but not on the Google Sheets Updater.

Hi there @ScottMcLeodPSLGroup ,

just tried it and provided solution (setting writeRaw to false using flow variable) works with Google Sheets Updater node for me.


Your going to think I’m insane, but this morning its working for me also. I don’t understand why. It seemed the new authentication nodes were blocking it somehow but I was obviously wrong. Thank you for checking. It works for me correctly now.

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No problem. Happen to me couple of times as well :smiley: