Google API

Hi everyone,

was anyone able to connect with his own google APIs? I tried but Google Analytics connector says me: "Warning: Could not connect to the Google API".



Possible reasons:

  • The account you are using does not have permissions to access Google Analytics (check if you have access via the website
  • The Analytics API has not been activated (check in your project on under APIS & AUTH → APIs)
  • You are not using a service account (check in your project on under APIS & AUTH → Credentials)
  • You are not using the right service account email or key file (P12 key not JSON)
  • You did not add one of the following scopes:

I noticed that the node description does not state that a P12 key is required. This will be fixed with the next bug fix release.

I hope this helps,


Thank you Patrick, unfortunately all seems fine. I don't find error in my configuration. Can I serach the error in Knime log?


Unfortunatly the error is not output to a log. If the connection in the dialog fails you can still type in the ID manually.

You can find it in the URL when viewing the report in the web interface. Here is an example URL where the profile ID would be 828945.

With the Analytics connector configured you could try to use the Analytics query node. If the node works than it is a problem specific to the webproperties management, otherwise the query node should at least give you a more detailed error message.

The problem seems antecedent to Google Analytics Connector. Google API Connector is green but in Google Analytics Connector configuration I read "Warning: Could not connect to the Google API".

I'm on a mac, I will try on PC.



I got the same error. Google API console reports shows error 400 for API and

Ok here is one more thing you need to do to get it to work:


It worked! Thanks a lot Patrick.

OK! Thanks Patrick!



hi everyone,

I am new in Knime, I am trying to connect to Google analytics but I cann't find Google API connector node in my node repository how to add it . any help please.

I'm using KNIME v2.9 in Windows 8.





You need version 2.10 for that.

Thank you very much Pskale, I downloded v.2.10

after hours struggling I found out that you must add the new generated service account email address to your google analytics account and assign the neccessary permission.

So, i have reviewed the thread.   And here is what I have done for I am getting the same error.


Are the Google Adapters Not implemented for valid for use with the Freeware version?

Could someone dummy up some examples so that I could confirm that I am putting the right bits in the right places?

Any idea where I could get more details on the error or reason for lack of connectivity?




As per Google documentation the dynamic:: prefix has been deprecated for segment speciifcation.

Google query node still uses this. Can we get the updated node since some of the segment definitions are possible with only new syntax.





does anyone know how I can set the date dynamically as last week or last month ?

Many Thanks 

Hi - I'm having some difficulties setting up Google API, but cannot see wy. I've done the follwoiing


1) Enabled Analtics API

2) Created Service Account

3) Generated P12 key and saved to dekstop

4) Create a new User account for Service Account email address (permissions on Read & Analyse)

5) Selected scope, entered location of P12 file (My Desktop) and also the email address of new user account in Configuration


But I still get the "Could not connect to Google API" error message. Is there something I've not done correctly withe the P12 key or new user account??

I am having a similar issue with connecting to the Google API through the Google node. I get the dreaded 'cannot connect to Google API' warning message. I have followed the steps and tried to reconnect several times. Any tips on trouble shooting?


I managed to get it to work!! Assuming you have set up the service account credentials and gotten the .p12 file, the next step is to go to Google Analytics admin and give that service account's email permissions to read and analyze from GA to the correct site. After I did that, everything worked