Google Authentication node problems

Hi there,

since recently I am struggling to authenticate both via the regular Google Authentication and the API node. Using OAuth I get the following error:

The API node works but i.e. the Google Analytics, Google Sheets or Google Drive nodes fail to retrieve data. Please note that I added a service account and it’s email to Google Analytics.

The same issue might has been reported in this thread “Google API”. I was in exchange with admins both from company and Google but we couldn’t find anything. I also tried with my private account, failed too.

@winter you replied in the aforementioned thread. Do you know anything?

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Hi @mw

Have you seen this post from last week?


Hi - wondering if there is a way to get help and troubleshoot the 400 error I am getting trying to get the Auth API Key node to work. Really not sure what I am missing, as I’ve followed the steps, uploaded my P12 key and ensured api access on GCP side…