Google Auth API Key Node not working

Hi, having trouble setting up the auth api key node - it succeeds, but I receive a 400 error when trying to run subsequent connectors. I have enabled APIs in the GCP console, double checked service account permissions and also sharing of bq datasets, gave my P12 key, and added all of the scopes required to the API Key node. Would appreciate any help I can get!

WARN NioFile Could not list files in ‘/’: 400 Bad Request
“error” : “invalid_grant”,
“error_description” : “Invalid grant: account not found”

Hi @dsarz ,

Would you mind sending us a screen shot of the configuration of your GCP nodes/ api key node for us to take a look at?

I am curious about the "Could not list files in / ", as I wonder if the connection to the GCP console is pointing to the correct place?

If you could provide a screenshot of the overall workflow as well that would help.

We may need to take this off the forum and jump on a Zoom call, but lets start there and see what we can come up with.


Hi - thank you for replying. This is my current API node config and I am trying to connect to Bigquery or even Google Cloud Storage at this point.

Would appreciate any help you could give me.


Hi Christine,

The error you are getting:

“error_description” : “Invalid grant: account not found”

would suggest that the email account used for accessing BigQuery or Cloud Storage does not exist in or does not have access to those resources. Would you be able to double check to make sure the email you are providing and the API Key file have the proper permissions to those resources?


Hi Ztrubow,

I have double checked that I have given all the permissions needed for that service account - is there anything in particular that is needed for it to work? I have it feeding into a bigquery connector and have enabled project permissions, service account permissions, as well as given bigquery data transfer access.

Hi @dsarz , this might be Google that is preventing the access as a security measure. You might need to configure Google to allow your device (where you are running Knime from) to access the API.

Google does not always allow access to any device using the same account by default. If the device is not allowed access, Google would refuse access, even if you are using the correct credentials.

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