Google Authenticator API Key json format/layout/requirements

I tried using the new authenticator for Google. I’ve been using the login feature, but I have to manually intervene daily.


I switched to API – it asks for the .json file location. I saved a .txt as .json:

But I’m getting this error:
Execute failed: Error reading credentials from stream, ‘type’ value ‘apiKey’ not recognized. Expecting ‘service_account’

The help documentation in the node isn’t clear on how to properly format, does anyone have experience with using the Google Authenticator and know where to locate the script format (what is required, layout, etc.) for the api key?

Hi @ebarr,

did you really generate the JOSN in the Google Dev Console by creating a project? That process, because of the UI from Google, is rather confusing.

Once you have created a project, you need to create a service account from within you can create a key as a p12 or JSON file.


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Thank you - i’ve never done that before. It worked, appreciate the prompt and accurate response! If possible, where do I assign permissions? Not sure if I did this right, but the connector is connecting, but now saying Google Sheets.

Admittedly this is not my area of expertise.

I went to permissions and ‘granted permission’:

You are most welcome @ebarr. Though, you need top create a service account:

Then navigate to the key tab to create a JSON or p12 file:

API access can be enabled here:

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This looks like credentials are active - the google sheets connector turns ‘green’ and I get the same error.

I created the IAM service account.

the google sheets API is enabled.

and I have the keys.

I exported the json key

Is there a source for step by step to see if I missed anything?

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