Google Big query Connector

I connect knime to google cloud platform using the node “google big query connector”
-Knime 4.3.3
-Driver SimbaBigQueryJDBC42-

Everything works, but i have one problem: everytime i reset this node to reload the WF, i have to insert again, EVERY SINGLE TIME, the google cloud mail account, the password, the permission (a browser open when i launch the big query connector node and ask me everytime these 3 things)
How can i connect to google cloud platform just one time and not every single time when i refresh this starting node?

I was oblied to install the driver Simba 42- because, otherwise, with the previous vrs of the driver Knime didn’t connect anymore to google cloud platform.
With the old driver i haven’t this problem. the big query connector node was always green after every reload without insert anything. Now with this new driver i have, as i said, to insert every time the account information…

How can i come back to the previous, easy, situation?


Hi @Djpapes ,
Sorry for the delayed response.
Are you still facing this issue?
Could you please try updating KNIME and then test it once again?
In the meanwhile, I will ask about this internally.


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Hello @Djpapes ,
this is the implementation of the JDBC driver provided by Google and thus nothing that we can change. Maybe you can use one of the other supported authentication mechanisms. If you want to prevent the input prompts altogether we recommend to use a service account which you can use in the Google Authenticator (API key).


Hi! Thanks for your reply.
Nice to know that there are other ways in order to authenticate “only the first time” and no more!
Can you show me a post in this forum, a tutorial, or something to show me how to do this?
i’m not used about that :wink:

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