Google Cloud Storage Connector fails with error: *"...does not have storage.buckets.list access to the Google Cloud project"*


I need to download files from a client’s Google Cloud Storage using a provided service account. The flow should actually be quite simple and look something like below (the loop may not be necessary)


For some reason, the Google Cloud Storage Connector always fails with error:

“…does not have storage.buckets.list access to the Google Cloud project”

I know that the service account is good and that the Authentication node works because I used it before to connect to a database to run a query. And, I can connect and list the files because I can do it in a Jupyter Notebook. I don’t write code, but I managed to list and fetch files (1 at a time) with copy 'n paste code from the Google documentation but I want to do it Knime which is my primary workspace.

I thought it may be something I missed in the Google Authentication Node but I am sure that I have all the necessary Scopes included


Is there something I am missing?


Could the Scopes need something like this:

And you might want to check the configuration of your cloud storage connector according to this description:

Hi @mlauber71

I looked at the scopes on the Google Authentication node but the only scopes available are

and I tried them all.

I am beginning to think that it must be something in the way my client assigned rights to the service account. I am sure that I am not the only person to use the nodes, so it must be working for other users.


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