Google Form with File Upload, then Google Drive with Google Sheet in Loop

Hi all, hope all is well. Thank you in advance for your help and time.

I am setting up Google Form to receive a request with XLSX attachment containing list of URLs that will end up in Google Drive. Google Form will store the following info with file id of the Excel file as well as type of action (add, update, delete) in a Google Sheet for that Google Form. I added Processed col so that I can use it to know which row has not been processed. If I see a row with NULL or missing, I want to read in that associated XLSX file from Google Drive folder and add/update/remove contained URL records in yet another different Google Sheet which is used to make REST API calls later.

From the Google Drive folder with many files, I need to read this particular dynamically-generated Excel file name to do further processing. I managed to use Google Authentication (API Key) and Google Drive Connector and Transfer Files to download all files from that Google Drive folder for Google Form file upload. They downloaded with no file extension, but if I rename or append as .xlsx, I can read in as Excel file.

I have 3 actions (add URLs, update URLs, delete URLs) so I was going to use CASE Switch node. This is where I’m at and having rule engine path to handle 3 actions and another path to somehow read in that dynamically generated excel file and feeding those records back into CASE Switch in the Loop may seem not going to work.

And the unique and reliable part of the file name is the dynamically generate id part (for example, 12zrBMuaKw_B_5sBTVYOaWqMre9zZqsv_) so I suppose I need to feed that into file name variable but how can I prepend wildcard in front of file name variable, like 12zrBMuaKw_B_5sBTVYOaWqMre9zZqsv_?

Sorry for many random, less specific questions. I am hoping that someone has attempted something similar and can offer guidance and pointers. I appreciate your time and help reviewing this post.
Thank you again.

Closing this. Updates here - How to close Chunk Loop with CASE Switch Variable, ending with 3 Google Sheets Updater nodes? - #5 by alabamian2.
Thank you.

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