Google Geocoder / OVER_QUERY_LIMIT

The problem seems to be the rate of requests. I looked around to see how to throttle these, but didn’t find anything useful.

Is there a simple way to throttle the number of requests the Google Geocoder node fires?

You could use e.g. one of the Wait nodes in combination with a Chunk Loop.


I don’t understand how to use the wait node. Why some flow variables? I would just like to place it somewhere in my loop as a “transparent” node which waits. Why so complicated?

You will need to connect the flow variables, e.g. at the loop start and the geocoder. This way, the node will act as wait “block”.

If you prefer to put the node into the “data flow”, there’s a variant for this in the Selenium Nodes:


Is there an example with connected flow variables? I’m more used to write code, than to these graphical loop constructions.

Ok, seems I just need to connect the ports and things work.

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