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Hi all,

I am trying to do a straight forward geocoding task but I keep getting “palladian.extraction.location.geocoder.GeocoderException: Received status code REQUEST_DENIED” error. I did setup the API key and I have setup the billing in my google account…

What’s the issue?


Hi Ludo,

the most obvious reason would be that the entered API is invalid – please verify this first.

If that doesn’t help, turn on debug logging (preferences → KNIME → KNIME GUI → DEBUG) and check for such a line in the “Console” tab:

DEBUG Google Address Geocoder 0:2        Response = {

It should contain more error details. Feel free to get with this information and I’ll try to assist.

– Philipp

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Dear Philipp,

Thanks for your prompt reply… and thanks for your amazing work!
To make a long story short i figured out from the console that I had Google Map API enabled with the key and not the geocoding one. Now it works…

Have a great 2020



Glad to hear :slight_smile: Thanks to you for the feedback and a good 2020!

– Philipp

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