Google Map Search Looping

I’m running a Google MAP API call to return places. Each execution of the google search returns up to 20 places and a string for the next page of results. I need to loop through and capture the place names from each API call. But I also need to return the nextpage string back to the start of the loop so the next API call returns the subsequent 20 ros until I reach the end of the results (nextpage variable not returned by google).

I tried to do with a conditional loop and setting a variable at the end of the loop to indicate the next page. However the nextpage variable is not passed back to the start of the loop. Not sure what type of loop and control would do the trick here.


The Recursive Loop Start/End nodes are what you’re looking for, they enables the passing of a data table from the Recursive Loop End back to the Recursive Loop Start. The stopping criteria can be passed as a flow variable.