Google Maps API Geocoding


is there any way to convert street names to longitude and latitude using KNIME Rest API and Google API? Can you describe me a process?



It is not trivial, but I believe it can be done with the Geocoding API and the REST nodes from Cenix in our community contributions section. You can use a URL like:,+Mountain+View,+CA&key=API_KEY
where API_KEY is your google api key.  
For details on the api, see here:


I already did similiar things. My aim was to convert addresses from university institutes into coordinates. Sometimes there was a complete address with streets, sometimes not.  This is an example:,+The+Netherland.&sensor=true_or_false

I generate the URL with a JavaSnippet, use the TableRow2LoopStart to transfer the URL into a variable that is used to feed an XMLReader. With a LoopEnd I collect all results from the google service.

Maybe you need to play around with the settings for the timeout (File/Preferences).




Hi Frank,

I'm trying to do something similar. Do you have a worflow snippet that you can share ?

Thanks in advance !