Google maps API key

Hello, I need someone to guide me, please.
I have some addresses in string : street, city.
I want to be able to get their latitudes and longitudes. I have seen that this can be done using google API.
In my google cloud I have enabled the Geocoding API service and Maps Javascript API.

I have the permissions along with the credentials already created.
However, I always get status 200, where it does not show me anything.
I am making this example just to validate that it can work for me.
Where it says “Your_API_KEY” I am putting my Api Key generated in google cloud.,Country&key=YOUR_API_KEY

Any help on what it could be or what I am missing?
I would greatly appreciate it.

Hi @elaadani

What does it say in your JSON response? Whatever I tried with that workflow, I got an conclusive error message in the JSON response that would lead me to next steps.

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