Google Postmaster + WebCrawler

Hi Guys and ladies!

I have a question/quest for you!

How can I create a web crawler to request some information from google postmaster?

Workflow added here.

webcrawler_google.knwf (11.6 KB)

It has a simples URL link, which I can change the domain address, but I need to be logged in.


DOMAIN = URL domain name as “

I need to be logged as a user with some privilegies. I tried some google connectors here with success, but I failed after the connection.

Authentication with success

I created the Table with the URL:

After that, I tried with “Post request” and “Webpage Retrivier” to get some information as the print below:

How can I walkthrought the google connector, make the request with authentication user and then, get the data from the table?

I’ve a table and a graphic … I’d like to get both, but I need at least the table information!

Thanks all!

Hi @denisfi,

Google Authentication node can only provide an authenticated session to nodes with a Google Service Connection input port (blue squared port). REST request nodes or Webpage Retriever node do not have such ports and such connection info can not be transferred via flow variable.

Instead of crawling (downloading the plain html and parsing it afterwards), you might want to retrieve the data via Google Postmaster API, which should be the preferred option to retrieve data from Postmaster. For authentication against Postmaster REST API you can use access tokens as described here.


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