Google Sheet Interactive Service Provider Java Cast Error

Hi Guys,

I’m using the “Google Sheet Interactive Service Provider” node which is giving me trouble. The node is configured to be able to storage credentials internally. Everything is fine on my windows machine (credentials are good) but when I’m running it on my macos machine I got the following error :

ERROR Google Sheets Updater 0:406:0:1214 Execute failed: cannot be cast to

I’ve already cleaned up my whole KNIME installation (and other KNIME surrounding files). I was suspecting extensions compatibility issues, but I checked the “show only software applicable to target environment” option before any install.

Nothing is working and I do not really understand the error.

The bug appeared after my first test with KNIME batch mode. But since I’ve reinstalled KNIME and my workflow files from my git I would not understand the interactions between those two events.

Here is my log file. knime.log (82.9 KB)
KNIME AP v4.1.0.v201912041250

Would any one have a clue ?

Hi Thomas,
Does the error only occur when you run KNIME in batch mode, or also if you run it via the GUI? Have you also tried with a newer KNIME Version to see if the problem persists there?
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Hi Alexander,

Thanks for your answer !
I’ve the problem in batch mode and with the GUI.
I’m not able to run a newer version of KNIME because of compatibility issues.

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Can you run KNIME from the command line (batch or normal mode) with the -clean flag? Sometimes this helps resolving classpath incompatibilities between plugins, which this issue might be caused by.
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Same issue with the cmd line tool. I’ve used the following command :

knime -workflowDir=[path_to_workflow] -clean -preferences=’[path_to_config]/preferences.epf’

Here is the log. knime.log (525.8 KB)

I found a solution by updating my google extension to

KNIME Twitter & Google Connectors 4.1.2.v202003032007 KNIME AG, Zurich, Switzerland

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